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Integrated Business Technologies – Telephone Systems – Tulsa, OK
Advantages to new communication technology and VoIP Systems:

  • Work from anywhere in the world just like sitting at your desk
  • Connect offices in separate locations as if they were all in one
  • Record calls and post to voicemail – no more lost Post-It notes
  • Cell and Desk phone integration – stop multiple phones ringing at once
  • Voicemail to email – listen to your voicemail anywhere you get email
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery for any phone system -Don’t miss business if your old system takes a dive
  • Remotely change auto-attendant and voicemail – control it from your cell when bad weather strikes

Call us today for a free consultation to determine how our communication technology can improve productivity, enhance your professional image and improve your bottom line.

Looking to replace your current phone system with a no hassle VoIP phone system?

Integrated Business Technologies’ phone systems can give your business the communication tools it needs to differentiate your business from the competition.

The ability to connect to co-workers and employees in the same office or in an office on the other side of the country easily will decrease your communication and travel costs.

Improve your customer’s experience with specifically tailored phone solutions:

  • Call Accounting Software
  • Security and video surveillance
  • SIP Trunking
  • Cellular Repeaters
  • Phone System Disaster Recovery
  • Dial tone/data consulting and procurement assistance

IBT Phone Systems have all the great features:

  • Allows remote and home extensions to appear to be in the same office
  • Record conversations to sound files
  • Automated attendant with custom messages
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Voicemail as sound attachments via e-mail

Let IBT show you how phone systems and VoIP can help you stay more connected, more easily. Our simple set-up process will have you making and receiving calls in minutes.

When your business grows, your phone system should grow right along with you. Be future ready and flexible with IBT voice solutions.

Not sure what you need or what phone systems can do for your business, let IBT help.

Discover how our experienced voice professionals can turn your communication investments into a powerful business advantage.

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